How to File a Claim with Andrew County Mutual Insurance

After a storm, it is the insured’s responsibility to take necessary action to prevent further damage to your property by tarping a roof to covering holes to prevent interior damage to your dwelling.

Report your claim to your agent or to Andrew County Mutual Insurance.

We will send an adjuster to assess the damages and go over your coverage. Don’t assume that you have the same coverage as your neighbors, there are too many circumstances that can contribute to the outcome of your loss. Make sure you understand your coverages and estimates for your repairs.

Use a trusted local contractor. Stay away from storm chasers who do quick, cheap repairs. A lot of times they don’t last and they are long gone.

Always get several quotes with a complete estimate including material cost and labor cost listed separately. Most importantly, never pay your contractor before the work is complete.

Contact Information

Andrew County Mutual Insurance Company 816-324-3151